All Media Scotland

All Media Scotland provides media related news, a means of connecting to the Scottish media and a directory of media talent. To achieve this flamegreen developed a comprehensive news posting and tagging system that allows a range of editors and publishers to post articles any time, day or night.

The website helps to promote networking amongst media personnel by providing information on courses, an extensive online directory of jobs and an online CV for potential candidates.

Extensive categorised web feeds (RSS) allow for syndication by visitors news readers and is also utilised by a range of news aggregation services

Features include:

  • Advanced news article posting and categorisation system
  • Online media directory with e-commerce payment services integration
  • Media event diary
  • Course and training information
  • Recruitment system
  • User discussion forums

Based on the success of All Media Scotland a spin-off company and therefore website, All Food Scotland, was also created benefiting from the same core shell while extending with many additional food related features.

project overview

  • Website :
  • Client : All Media Scotland Ltd
  • Timescale : Phase 1 - 9 weeks, ongoing
  • Scope : Consultancy, design and development